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The perfect smile

Hey, what’s that beautiful thing that creates new friendships & opens gates? It probably is something really hard to acquire. Actually, it’s one of the simplest. It’s your smile. You might be wondering, why does smiling help me, what are the effects of smiling, and where can it get me. This and more questions will be answered below. If you have any questions, comment!
Why smile?

It’s really healthy. Believe me. Smiling can relieve stress. There’s a lot of going under the hood. Such as; strengthens your immune system, lowers blood pressure, …

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Creating your own adventure! Part four.

Day#8 – Getting to known Barcelona more throughly
Okay. I think it was time to explore Barcelona. We saw Sagradia familia(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagrada_Fam%C3%ADlia). It really shocked me, it was beautiful and big. I don’t think anything in Paris shocked me like that. Oh well. Gaudi died like 100 years back(around 1920 or so), he was killed by a tram I think. Anyhow, it still is under construction. For many many years to come.
Oh and, park Guell. That was also by Gaudi. Really nice! I think I loved his works the most. Paris was …

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Creating your own adventure! Part three.

Rewind to year 2012. I hosted one young traveler from US. He was, around 19 years old. Traveling all around the world by himself. We drank a little vodka and had interesting conversation. He mentioned that I should check Lyon. For whatever reason, I dont remember. Damn you vodka.
Back to the actual adventure. We were in Paris, and our host showed us some place on map, where we could hitchhike from. Our next destination was Lyon. For hitchhikers who are just starting; it’s useful to read hitchwiki.org – it has …

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Creating your own adventure! Part two.

It was a morning, around 6.00(actually day#2 in Paris). Finally arrived to Paris! Oh my god, so beautiful, every angle. Though we had no idea where we were, but first things first. We went to look for a food. After that, it was time to check out what Paris has to offer.
The things I noticed immediately; free clean toilets, street signs everywhere without exception, free water around monuments, churches on every corner. If I ever happened to be thirsty, no problem, refill my water bottle and voila.
I can only imagine …

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Creating your own adventure! Part one.

Few month’s back, I had awesome trip with my friend Kätlin. Simple story. We hitchhiked, we laughed, I smoked, we drink, we did so many things. It’s a great memory. Having a great exposure to different people, I’ve realized one thing; there is a lot of good in this world.
If you are into adventures, you might want to pull something like I did.. while still young & crazy .  The only regret I have, is that it was too short. Nevertheless I am not going to stop here, I …

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Job as hobby

It’s something you do for the rest of your life. Every day, you wake up, and go to work. It’s where you get your money from and feed your family and yourself. You know what I am talking about. Having a job that you enjoy, is really important. In my posts, I always say “really important,” because that’s what I really believe. If anything is weak, you are going to feel effects immediately. Have a beautiful wife, but weak job? Big no.
I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was younger, …